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This is something I hear frequently. Usually it’s a comment on an internet discussion about using software or going into a tax office. To an extent, it’s true. When a client gives me their tax documents I’ll enter it into my tax software, but that’s where the similarities end. And it’s definitely not “all” I do.
Here are some of the main differences between working with a tax professional instead of software:

No guessing. When someone decides to use software that they purchase themselves what you’re basically doing is entering you’re information into a calculator and hoping for the best. Unless you’re familiar with each deduction and credit you have no way of knowing if your return is actually correct or not. Before I enter in the first number I already know what your completed return will look like and can review it to make sure that you get every deduction and credit that you’re eligible for.

Support: If you’re doing your own taxes then your software is not going to be there to help you if you get a letter from the IRS. We’re open year round and can help you understand what that IRS letter is asking for and explain your options. I also stand behind every return that I prepare. If there are any problems, I’m here to help. Your software will just tell you that the error was your fault and wish you good luck.

Tax Planning: Wondering how the Obamacare penalty is going to affect you as you change jobs? Need to know how your taxes are going to change after you retire? Is your current withholding still going to be enough now that you got that rise? There are countless things that can affect your taxes each year. Its always best to come up with a plan as early as possible. All of my clients are eligible for a free tax planning session each year so that we can be proactive about the changes in your life.

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