This time of year everyone is very aware of the impact that taxes have on their lives.  It’s hard to turn on a TV or radio or drive past a billboard without seeing an ad for a tax service.  Each year hundreds of thousands of seasonal tax preparers report to their office, many for their first year.  From January through April they’ll meet with the approximately eighty million tax payers who work with paid preparers.

But then what happens?  After April 15th most of these places close up shop.  The army of preparers go back to being college kids, retirees, stay at home moms, etc.  While you may only think about your taxes once per year, the IRS is open all year round.  So where do you turn when it’s the middle of the summer and you have questions or you get a letter from the IRS?

A local tax or accounting practice, that’s active in your community year round, is always going to be your best choice.  Unlike seasonal offices, year round offices are generally run by a CPA or EA.  People with either of these designations are professionals who are committed to their field.  They’ve taken a series of certification exams and have yearly continuing education requirements.  While a CPA’s test and education requirements can cover any number of a broad range of accounting related topics, all of requirements for EAs are strictly tax related.

During tax season our office is open 7 days a week.  After tax season is over we scale back to regular office hours 5 days a week.  Night and weekend times are still available by appointment.  Free tax planning sessions are available for individuals over the summer.  We’re more than happy to meet with you, answer any questions you may have, and explain your tax situation to you in terms that someone who isn’t an accountant can understand.

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